With life so externally focused on fast-paced survival do you really take the time to truly rest, nourish and recharge yourself?

Often our idea of “down time” is slouching on the sofa, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and watching TV.

What if you took time to really rest and recharge yourself without external influences?

If we take the time to really nourish ourselves then we are in a better place to deal with what life chucks our way!

By using guided relaxation techniques and dedicated breath-work we directly stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (also known as “rest and digest”. Therefore decreasing our blood pressure and heart-rate and letting the digestive system do its job. All from laying on the floor in a yoga class!

What a simple concept!

Here are some of my recent workshop attendees @thelondonwellnessstudio taking the opportunity to really rest and restore their bodies and minds with some simple breath-work.