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Chair Yoga at your desk

11th July 2018

Stuck in the office all day? Or work from home?

Feeling stiff and achy?

Chair yoga has your back! Seated cat + cow. A simple exercise to combat the strains and tension of sitting at a desk or staring at your phone for too long (guilty!!)
Seated towards the edge of your chair, feet flat on the ground. Bring your arms out in front of you palms flexed towards you. As you inhale draw the hands towards your shoulders take the gaze up and feel the middle of your back gentle arching, letting the abdomen be soft.
As you exhale push your hands in front and away from you, tuck the chin towards the chest, squeeze in your tummy and push your back towards the back of the chair.
Practice slowly and safely, listen to your body and take responsibility for your own movement. Have fun 🙂 ????

Elizabeth teaches chair based office yoga at locations in the UK. For further information or to book Elizabeth for a session please get in touch via the contact page.