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How do you start your day?

How we spend the first moments when we rise can have a huge impact on the rest of our day!

In yoga and ayurveda it is advised to clean the mouth and tongue when waking before drinking any liquids. This is done using a metal tongue scrape to remove any build up that has occured over night. This helps to reduce “ama” which is the accumilation of toxins.

After you’ve scraped your tongue and given your mouth a rinse, it’s best to start with warm to hot fluids.

Starting the day with cooled hot water with a slice or squeeze of lemon is said to stimulate the “agni” which is your digestive fire! It basically starts to get the digestion in motion.


Whilst the kettle or pan of water boils, take the opportunity to press your feet firmly into the ground reach your arms up in the air and have a big stretch. Relax the hands down by your sides and then sway and twist from side to side; waking up the spine gently.

Once the water is heated, pour over a slice of lemon.

Find a comfortable seat, inhale the scent and steam from your cup.

Take 30 seconds to take a couple more deep breaths and then pick ONE small thing you are grateful for.

Have a beautiful day!!