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Date Chutney

15th July 2021

The perfect summer-heat treat to add to your meals. Delicious added to just about anything! (I love it spread on some fresh baked muffins or added to dal).

Ayurveda doesn’t recommend eating fruit with anything else (it ferments in the gut leading to symptoms like gas bloating and discomfort) but dates are an exception and digest well (for most people) with other foods.

To make this delicious date chutney you will need:

1 cup of fresh dates/soft medjool dates

1-2tsp of freshly grated ginger (if you are feeling the summer heat then go for just a pinch)

1/4tsp rock salt

Generous squeeze of lime or lemon

A few sprigs of fresh mint

4 tablespoons of water to blend

If you have cold hands and feet add a pinch of cinnamon also..


Remove stones from dates and rinse.

Blend all ingredients until smooth. (I use a hand blender in a jug/cup and add extra water if needed)

If you don’t have a blender, soak the dates and then squish and squash lovingly with your hands adding all the other ingredients and mashing with a fork to combine well.

Give thanks for these incredible ingredients and enjoy in delicious spoonfuls.

Let me know if you try this delicious cooling treat on any of your meals 😊.

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