(Delicious recipe below)
Sweet tasting items are considered the most sattvic ( in appropriate amounts) and can cultivate compassion, peacefulness, and love. Natural sweetness brings us sustaining, long lasting energy, while processed sweets bring us quick energy in short bursts, inevitably leaving us lacking and craving more.

The sweet taste is what builds our tissues, keeps us strong and gives us sustained energy. Naturally sweet foods include grains such as rice, oats and whole wheat, fresh fruits and certain vegetables and ahimsa milk (milk from non-slaughtered and unharmed cows).

Naturally sweet tasting foods can help build ojas (life juice) within us. Especially things like dates.

Whenever I notice my workload creeping up or my energy levels dropping or when I know my moon cycle is on its way. I spend some sacred time in the kitchen preparing little energy bites to make me feel like an utter goddess.

These little ojas balls are not only delicious but so fun to make (squishing and messy) and look divine!



~20-30 SOFT fresh dates (20 if big medjool, 30 of the smaller varieties) (soak dates if they aren’t squishy soft)

~4 tablespoons raw tahini

~1/2 cup sunflower seeds 

~2 tablespoons fennel seeds 

~1 tablespoon oil (I used coconut, you can use ghee, sunflower etc whatever you have) 

~A pinch of salt

~4 tablespoons of raw Carob powder

~1/4tsp vanilla (optional)

~1 tablespoon cinnamon powder.

~Edible dried rose petals to roll in.


-Roast and grind the fennel seeds and sunflower seeds (can use any seeds).

-Rinse and squish the dates in a large bowl with your hands. Have fun getting messy and connecting with your food.

-Add remaining ingredients and squish lovingly with your hands to make a delicious dough. 

-Roll in edible rose petals say a prayer/ give thanks and enjoy every bite 


Yum yum yum.

Have fun making these ojas-bulding, sweet, ayurvedic & yogic treats. Make your kitchen a sacred space by taking a few slow breaths before you start, keep your hands clean and avoid distractions. Enjoy the process.

Sending love