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I love food. Always been a foodie and always had the stomach of a lion. Whenever my family ate out, if there were leftovers (as long as they were veggie) i’d finish them!

South Indian breakfast on the streets of Bangalore

I can still eat a lot, but years of overeating has had a direct effect on how I digest things (physically and emotionally).

For years I was told I was so skinny and that I should eat more. My recent realization is that eating more doesn’t change that. Yes I gained a small amount of weight around my mid-drift but generally always felt bloated and “dull”.

I found that i’d go to food for most situations. Hunger, boredom, stress, during my menstrual cycle and when watching movies. According to ayurveda and yoga only one of these is correct- when we are actually hungry. Our body will tell us by signs of feeling empty and rumbly in the tummy.

How i’m healing (it’s an ongoing journey) my digestion and ways you can too (if you fancy)

  • Try to stick to 3 main meals a day, avoid heavy snacking in between
  • Make mealtimes sacred/ a meditation by taking a moment to give thanks before you eat and enjoy each mouthful.
  • Listening to your body for signs of being full: Gas/burping, bloating etc
A balanced meal that includes all the tastes: rice, dal, sauteed carrots and cabbage, raw sauerkraut and a date truffle.
  • Avoid excessive dry and raw foods. (sorry raw vegans, I feel ya, I love all those salads and juices but they are hard to digest especially in the cold weather. Everything in balance is the key. If you live in the tropics go for it)
  • Try eating your main meal at lunchtime, keeping breakfast and dinner slightly lighter.
  • Make a tea from cumin coriander and fennel seeds and sip slowly between meals
  • Start the day with sipping hot water to wake up the digestion and cleasne away undigested food from the day before (add a slice of ginger for extra zing if you fancy)
  • Go for a gentle stroll after meals to kickstart the digestive process (100 steps around the house is enough)
  • Avoid overeating, bingeing or mindless eating. (we’ve all been there) This can initially feel great but within half an hour you may feel sluggish, bloated and regret it.
  • Avoid eating late at night, its ideal to eat your last meal before 7pm (where possible)
  • Apanasana- (see picture below) reclined knees to chest pose (at least an hour after a meal never straight after eating) literally means wind relieving pose and is helpful for bloating.

It’s an ongoing journey of learning, listening and caring, as is life.