Hi everyone! How’s your lymphatic system?

First up if you’re thinking..”my what system?“that’s ok. A lot of people are unsure on what this actually is..

The lymphatic system is made up of nodes, ducts and fluid. It runs close to your skin, it helps remove products of metabolism and serves as a pathway for the cells of the immune system.

In short it’s closely linked to our immunity, health and happiness. It is especially important in times of stress on the body and mind, so if you’ve been unwell, are recovering from surgery or are burnt out, some therapeutic yoga focusing on the lymphatic system may be of benefit.

In general yoga is good for keeping the lymph actively working, here are some simple and gentle things you can do to get the lymphatic system moving:

  • Reach your arms up in the air and take a few breaths then relax them back down

Elevate your lower body with props and take some slow deep breaths:

Standing side bends.

  • Plant your feet firming on the earth, slightly apart.
  • Reach one arm up in the air. Stay here if that feels enough or if you would like reach up and over to the side.
  • Breathe in to come back upright and relax the arm down.

Always listen to your body and if something doesn’t feel right stop. Enjoy moving slowly and safely.