HRIDAYA MUDRA (heart gesture)♥️

It is written in the ancient yoga texts that performing this gesture diverts flow of prana (energy) from the hands to the heart. The heart is the centre of emotion.
HRIDAYA MUDRA can help to release pent up emotions and unburden the heart. It can be useful during emotional conflict or crisis. – simple, safe and easy, even in acute situations!
BENEFITS that you may feel from this practice:
– A release or calming of emotions
– Giving yourself time to process and deal with emotions
– Energy/ sensations in your hands/arms/chest
– A slightly clearer head
– A pick me up/ energiser/ recharger (could replace your afternoon coffee with it?)
Place your index fingers at the root of your thumbs, join the tips of your middle and ring fingers to the tips of your thumbs. The little finger remains straight.
Place the hands on your knees or lap, palms upward.
Sit up tall and take a few breaths
Close your eyes if you like.
Try to relax your body slightly.
Focus your attention on the sensation of energy moving from your hands up towards your heartspace.
Stay for as long as you feel comfortable, try for a minute or two and see how it feels. (If this position isn’t available on your body you can use the wonderful power of your imagination)